In West-Africa school teachers are supposed to prepare children for the  job market under difficult circumstances, with  limited resources.

100 million children need quality education and so-called “21st century skills” .

Since 2016 Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions has created integrated programs to improve the quality of education in West-African schools with the help of information technology. The NGO has already received various international awards for its contribution to the digital transformation of African education.


In this presentation co-founder Stanley Kwakye Dankyira is going to share his experiences in over 60 schools. He will explain how the NGO uses technology to achieve its goals while he will also share the many challenges his organization is facing.

Educational colleges and professionals in the field of ICT for education from the Netherlands have been assisting Maxim Nyansa based on the Dutch educational practice, to develop a learning transformation for African schools. Stanley Dankyira will explain how his work has benefited from using the practices in schools in the Netherlands, while making the necessary translations to be relevant in the West- African cultural context and educational system.

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