Start Up plein


Innovation of Education & IT, that's what IPON represents. A majority of this innovation doesn't come only from the schools itself but also from companies.  The many education startups show that the education branch keeps evolving. IPON is very excited about these startups that have a focus on education. But we know it's important that they use the knowhow and experience that is already present. We promote conversations with various education parties when a product is still in development.

From the submitted proposals we shall choose 20 startups. These parties would love to show you how they want to help challenge the status quo. Meet them on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 February at IPON's Startup Plein. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to win the IPON Start Up Award 2024. Besides eternal fame, the winner will receive exposure on & IPON Magazine throughout the year.


The education startups will be selected according to the following conditions:

  • The starting point is an innovative idea;
  • The excecution of this idea has to be viable bussiness wise;
  • The startup has a limited amount of employees;
  • The startup doesn't have a high revenue;
  • The startup has to show growth;
  • The maximum amount of years the company exists is 3 years;
  • The product or service has been made with new or innovative technologies;
  • The product or service has to benefit the education branche;
  • The entrepreneur has a plan to start a pilot or has done so at one or multiple schools;
  • The product or service is not final yet, it can still be improved by feedback from the education branche;
  • The product or service has been submitted to IPON in time to join the IPON Start Up Awards.

The selection will be made by an independent jury. For more information or questions, please reach out to