Elisabeth Schmoutziguer

Elisabeth is CEO of Grasple, an ed-tech start-up based in Amsterdam with a simple yet powerful mission: to make knowledge accessible to all. Elisabeth’s background in working for international cooperates, universities and successful edtech start-up/scale-ups brings valuable
experience to Grasple. Grasple is the third Edtech Elisabeth joins in the pre-scale phase. Earlier she joined leadership at Snappet and Studytube. Her passion for education and belief in the transformative power of knowledge drove her to join the company, where she envisions
combining open education with ethical and ambitious entrepreneurship.

Grasple’s innovative platform offers high-quality exercises crafted by collaborative educators, making it easier for people to grasp difficult concepts. The company follows an open business model, fostering partnerships between underserved and well-served communities. The
user-friendly interface empowers teachers and students, creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment for mathematics and statistics based on OER.

Elisabeth joined Grasple in 2021 with the assignment to grow Grasple into a global social enterprise. Today, serving 40 institutions and over 100,000 users with a dedicated team of 16 Grasplers, their success in the commercial realm allows them to make a significant impact for learners and teachers globally.

Elisabeth and together with the whole team are paving the way towards a future where knowledge knows no boundaries, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive through quality education. As education Elisabeth finished her education at the TU Delft, Industrial design Engineering (MSc)