Henriet Eilander – Creative Media & Games Technologies en Master Digitale Technologie

In the Netherlands Game Education is taken quite seriously. At different levels (vocational, bachelor, master) and with different focus area’s such as game artist or game programmer and in different sizes (minors, 1-4 year programmes). The DGA aims to support the development of the game industry in the Netherlands in combination and constant discussion with the educational institutes. My job as board member for Education is to stimulate contacts and engagement from both sides. Next to being a DGA-board member I am also a programme manager for the Creative Media & Game Technologies programme at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen, responsible for 750 students and 50+ staff members from all around the world. In that role I am also responsible for the Master Digitale Technologie. As a programme manager I have a passion for the development of educational settings and professional teams to create the best possible learning experience.